Creative and Innovative Cross-Platform Designer and Programmer for Web System and Mobile Apps

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Well Designed

We develop completed systems for every client with scheduled updates and security patches.

Web Specialist

We develop systems for business purpose and design templates for website.

SEO Optimized

We optimize websites to improve their ranks in Search Engine, make them reachable.

Mobile Support

We design mobile site and mobile apps for iOS and Android platform.

AppBox Technology.


We are specialized in building customized and creative web system that helps corporate and individuals to bring their ideas to life .. View All

Our Skills

PHP 98%
HTML 5 98%
CSS3 79%
JavaScript 85%
iOS Objecttive C 68%

Customers come first

Our motive is fulfilling every requirement of our customers. Our professional recommendations and consultancy make websites perfect and satisfied.
Our free-of-charge consultancy is waiting for your enquiry. Please do not hesitate to enquire for professional consultant.

- Edwin from
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Great service with fair price. Happy properous year ahead!! - Edward from YongFong Packaging Sdn. Bhd.
- Brian

Clients We’ve Worked With So Far

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SoyaCreative Malaysia - Web Design and Development
SoyaCreative Malaysia - Web Design

SoyaCreative is Malaysian Web Design Team which is founded on March 2011. We are specialized in web system and application development.

Our Location

AppBox Technology - Mobile Apps Developer for iOS and Android platform
AppBox Technology - Premium Partner

AppBox Technology is a IT company which specialized in mobile apps development and design. AppBox Technology helps us to provide a wider coverage of IT solution.